Mistresses humiliating tiny dick slaves

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This mistress was horny and wanted to get a good fuck. But the guy she chose had all the right attributes except that he had a small dick. She found out about it when they were already at her house. She did not know what to do and since she knew he would not satisfy her, she decided to make it worth her while and humiliate him for his small penis.

Mistress Roxy likes guys who have small penises because she knows that they are easily humiliated and are easy to blackmail. She blackmailed this loser for his small dick and made him buy her a new car. He had managed to keep her quiet for now but there was no telling when she would need something from him and he would have to give it to her because of his secret.

This mistress saw her slave had a small penis and she told him it was his urethral opening which stunted the growth of his penis. Of course she was messing with him and knew that was not the cause but she wanted to see how dumb he was. He believed her and she went ahead to insert her high heels into his urethral opening to try and enlarge it. It was cruel and painful.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is a hot mistress and she gets a lot of attention from men. Her interest though is not with everybody. It is with guys with small penises. She is into sph and she loves to humiliate and blackmail such guys. That is how she makes her money. She usually teases them and she turns them on and when she finds out they have small penises, she blackmails them to paying her money to keep their secret.

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