Mistresses humiliating tiny dick slaves

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Mistress Joschi is a hot and high end escort. She was hired to entertain this guy and she entertained him, teased him and when it came to sucking his cock, she found he had a small one. She could not help but laugh at the guy. She was topless and was getting ready to remover her underwear but she could not proceed for his small penis. She small penis humiliated him even if it was unethical for her to do it.

Mistress Savannah and her friend miss Asphyxia had a problem with this slave and they wanted to punish him. They forced him to lick their sweaty and smelly feet and they also forced him to swallow their spit. The mistresses got the guy to masturbate and they found out he had a small penis. They made fun of him and even small penis humiliated him till he almost cried at all the taunting.

Mistress Becky wanted a job in this guy's company. He was a high ranking executive with authority to recruit and she wanted to use his randy ways to fuck him and get the job. She fucked him to the best of her abilities and he had so much fun. But she made sure he gave her the job because she small penis humiliated him and he did not want that information getting out.

Princess Melena wanted to pass this really boring but important unit. She did not fancy studying for it since she did not understand a lot of it and it was also very boring. So she decided to explore other means. But before she found other means, she discovered her professor had a small dick one time when she went to see him in his office and his pants fell. She knew she had passed her unit because she planned to use small penis humiliation to achieve it.

This guy had a small penis and mistresses Yvonne and Alida were shocked to learn about it. The mistresses had never seen such a small dick and they were fascinated by it so much so that they even forgot what they were doing and where they were going. Being trolls, they found themselves small penis humiliating him and it was the highlight of their day but for the loser, it was the worst day of his life.

This mistress knew this guy wanted her but she did not want him. However, she wanted a favor from him so she planned how to satisfy him without fucking him. She flirted with him and teased him using her big ass and even bigger tits. She had him masturbate to her instructions and when she saw his dick, she burst out laughing at how small it was. She did not even need to make him cum as she had found a great way to get the favor - small penis humiliation.

This guy was loaded and he thought his money would buy him whatever he wanted. Many guys he fucked just took his money and lied to him that he had a big dick. But in reality, he had a small dick. When he tried to seduce princess Jenny using his money and bragging that he had a big dick to satisfy her, she told him to show her and he was shocked when she told him he had the smallest dick she had ever seen and she was not interested in it.

Princess Raquel is a hot mistress and she knows it. She knows she can have any guy she wants to and she always has a good taste in men. But today she did not make her choice well. She found herself with a great guy from the outside but on the inside he had a small dick. She was confused and all her enthusiasm and her flirtations stopped as she wondered what to do with him since she did not want to small penis humiliate him.

This guy was hilarious and these mistresses loved him. But he had a small dick and they just could not bring themselves to fuck it however much they tried and they were trying to have a threesome with him. They tried to use all sorts of pumps and enlargers on him but none of them worked on him and he had to remain with his small dick. It was unfortunate for everybody.

Lyne and her her friend from college are hot and adventurous mistresses. They had always wondered why girls made fun of guys with small penises. They wondered whether small penis humiliation was worth it. So they looked for a guy who had a small penis to have fun with. They teased him and tried to get his dick bigger but it did not. They fucked him and realized it was as bad as people said it was.

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