Mistresses humiliating tiny dick slaves

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This mistress is a bully. She was interested in this guy but she dropped the interest when she realized he had a small dick. She wanted nothing to do with it and instead of having fun with him and his small dick, she turned on him and had fun at his expense. She even used her dildos to compare his dick and make him feel bad about his small cock.

Princess Jenny was horny and she wanted to fuck this guy. She wanted to role play so they role played. But after she ordered him to remove his dick and play with it before she sucked it, she found he had a small dick. She was mad at him for having a small dick when she was horny because she never messes with small dicks. She small penis humiliated him and sent him away.

This mistress saw her slave had a small penis and she told him it was his urethral opening which stunted the growth of his penis. Of course she was messing with him and knew that was not the cause but she wanted to see how dumb he was. He believed her and she went ahead to insert her high heels into his urethral opening to try and enlarge it. It was cruel and painful.

This guy thought he was a stud and wanted to have a threesome with these two hot and gorgeous mistresses. Everything was going well for him but he forgot one major thing - he had a small penis. And these freaky mistresses were never going to fuck a small dick. Since they were in it for the money, the mistresses decided to get it through small penis humiliation. And they got more than they hoped for.

This mistress had never had sex with anyone else and wondered why she was never sexually satisfied. One day she cheated on her boyfriend with a guy who was well endowed and he made her feel like a woman. But since she loved her boyfriend, she did not leave. She wanted to give him and his dick a chance so she tried to use a penis pump and even a sting to elongate it but it did not work.

Princess Serena knows her way around a dick. But she was not prepared for what she saw from this loser. She found he had a small dick and it was practically so small that she could not do anything to it. She tried to drive him nuts by teasing him and doing nasty shit to him but the size did not increase. She left him high and dry as it was too small for her. She did not even bother to blackmail, humiliate or make fun of him.

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