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Mistress Kuro loves having fun. She loves a big dick and she is one of those who do not mess with small ones. She prefers to ride a dildo as opposed to a small cock. Today she found out this guy she wanted to fuck had a small penis. So she humiliated him because he had disappointed her and there was no way she was going to do anything with him.

Goddess Amira has a nice ass and she has nice tits. She loves to use those two to have fun at the expense of losers. She loves to sniff out especially guys who have small dicks and then tease them, get them to show her the dicks and then she makes fun of them. Sometimes goddess Amira blackmails and at times she makes fun of them for her own enjoyment.

Princess Serena is able to tell with a high degree of certainty whether someone has a small dick or not. This guy was cocky and no one liked him. He was rude and obnoxious and even she detested him. But he wanted her and she took that chance to humiliate him and put him in his place. She could tell he had a small dick and she invited him to her house lying to him that she wanted to ride him but in essence she wanted to small penis humiliate him. And she did.

Goddess Jordan Black has nice tits and she is a naughty mistress. But she is also a cruel one and she likes to make fun of guys with small penises. She is great at small penis humiliation and when she does not want to fuck a guy, that is what she does to him. She knows how to smell guys who have small dicks and then she degrades them for fun.

Lady Juna found out that this guy she was about to mess with had a small dick. She took out a tape measure and she made fun of his small dick. She cruelly small penis humiliated him without any mercy. She did not care what dent she made on his self esteem. She knew she could not mess with someone with such a tiny dick and she told him so and went on making fun of him.

Princess Melena does not mess with small dicks. She prefers huge ones that fill her pussy and threaten to tear it apart. Today she was having a bit of naughty fun with this guy who was funny and had it all going for him except when he opened his trouser and he had a small dick. Small penis humiliation was her thing and she did not hold back. She humiliated him by showing him huge cocks online and making fun of his.

Mistress Ava Black was pissed off when she realized that this loser had a small cock. She was about to give him pussy but when she realized he had a small dick, everything changed. He was charming and he talked a big game. But when she saw his cock, she knew there was no chance in hell he could satisfy her. She was already horny so she punished him for it by fucking him in the ass with a strapon.

This mistress loves to humiliate guys with small penises. She loves to blackmail them and for some, she loves to crush their fragile egos. She loves how confident they are before she tells them that they have tiny cocks. She loves to tease them and show off her sexy body to make them comfortable to show off their dicks. And when they do, she takes advantage to have fun at their expense.

This mistress could tell that his guy had a small dick. She went ahead with everything with him because she wanted to see how small it was as well as have a good laugh about it. She also wanted to use that fact to blackmail. She pretended to want to fuck him till he removed her pants and she pretended to be shocked and the sph mistress degraded him because of his tiny dick.

Mistress Harley is in love with the naughty. She loves hardcore stuff and today she was especially horny. She had to get a good dose of dick so she met with this guy who looked like he could sort her. But after a while, she realized that he had a small dick and she could not mess with a small dick. So she sph him and punished him for it.

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