Mistresses humiliating tiny dick slaves

Lady Alice saw a patient with a small dick today. He wanted to learn how to make his dick bigger because he was living a nightmare as no girls wanted to fuck him. It was affecting him and he wanted to know how he could change his situation. She listened to him and even demonstrated what he could do using a sex toy so that he could understand her better.

Goddess Nika is a hot and gorgeous mistress. She knows it and she loves to enjoy herself. Today she met this guy but she got disappointed that he had a small penis. She could bring herself to even touch it or do anything with him. She was horny but her pussy dried up when she realized he had a small cock because she knew he would not satisfy her desires. She chased him away.

Mistress Ava Black loves big cocks for her pussy and small ones to make fun of. She was bored at home today so she made a blog post about guys with small dicks. She said how they have big egos and how they like to compensate for their lack of enough dick size. She also said how they cannot satisfy her and how she is left hornier than she was after being fucked by a small dick.

Goddess Li likes to make fun of guys with small dicks. She loves to torture and to tease them and she does it well. She loves to blackmail them because she knows they are sensitive and they do not want anyone to know that they have small dicks. Today she used her sexy ass to tease this guy she suspected had a small dick. She was right because he turned out to have a small cock and she humiliated him for fun.

Mistress Harley has a big ass and big tits. She has the perfect body as well as the naughtiness to go with it. She loves to tease and to flirt and that is how she gets most of her victims. She specializes in getting guys with small dicks and then she blackmails them. She humiliates them for their small dicks and she gets them to do her favors or to do pay her.

This mistress knew this guy was a loser and that he had a small dick. She had heard girls talking about it so she knew it was true. When he tried to chat her up, she agreed but all she wanted to do was to make sure that he had such a tiny penis as guys said. He had a huge ego and that is why he was never bothered by small penis humiliation. She took out a measuring tape and she used it to measure his dick and he was surprised and humiliated for the first time.

Mistress Gaia and her friend wanted to punish this guy for being a conman. He was a slick conman and many of his victims did not even suspect him. But these mistresses were smart and caught him. They also caught his female accomplice and they tortured both of them. They cruelly pinched his nipples and made fun of his small dick even as they also pulled and squeezed his accomplice's nipples painfully as well.

Mistress Keziah was feeling horny and she wanted to be banged hard. She met this good looking, loaded and well mannered guy and she felt like she had hit the jackpot. But when they got home and they made out and were having foreplay, she realized he had a tiny dick. She was pissed about it and she could not have sex with him because she knew he would not satisfy her. At least she did not small penis humiliate him.

Mistress Kuro loves having fun. She loves a big dick and she is one of those who do not mess with small ones. She prefers to ride a dildo as opposed to a small cock. Today she found out this guy she wanted to fuck had a small penis. So she humiliated him because he had disappointed her and there was no way she was going to do anything with him.

Goddess Amira has a nice ass and she has nice tits. She loves to use those two to have fun at the expense of losers. She loves to sniff out especially guys who have small dicks and then tease them, get them to show her the dicks and then she makes fun of them. Sometimes goddess Amira blackmails and at times she makes fun of them for her own enjoyment.

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