Mistresses humiliating tiny dick slaves

Lady Juna found out that this guy she was about to mess with had a small dick. She took out a tape measure and she made fun of his small dick. She cruelly small penis humiliated him without any mercy. She did not care what dent she made on his self esteem. She knew she could not mess with someone with such a tiny dick and she told him so and went on making fun of him.

This mistress does not mess with small dicks. They are not worth her time and they do not satisfy her. Whenever she wants to fuck someone, she first of all reaches for their dick and if it is the right size, she can continue. But if it is not, she likes to make fun of their small penises. She is never afraid of small penis humiliation. She does it anytime anywhere.

Lady Karame is a cruel mistress. She does not care what she does as long as she has fun. Today she looked for two guys who had small dicks. She could sniff their small dicks from a mile away and she teased them and pretended she wanted to fuck them. She then humiliated them by making them jerk off each other and made them wear female clothes before having them lick the soles of her boots.

Princess Melena does not mess with small dicks. She prefers huge ones that fill her pussy and threaten to tear it apart. Today she was having a bit of naughty fun with this guy who was funny and had it all going for him except when he opened his trouser and he had a small dick. Small penis humiliation was her thing and she did not hold back. She humiliated him by showing him huge cocks online and making fun of his.

Mistress Ava Black was pissed off when she realized that this loser had a small cock. She was about to give him pussy but when she realized he had a small dick, everything changed. He was charming and he talked a big game. But when she saw his cock, she knew there was no chance in hell he could satisfy her. She was already horny so she punished him for it by fucking him in the ass with a strapon.

Madame Svea likes to look for guys with small dicks and humiliating them. She especially likes to do so to the cocky ones. The proud ones who look down on others. She likes to cut them down to size and force them to do what she wants and how she wants it. She is the kind of mistress who loves to force guys to jerk off and swallow their cum.

This mistress loves to humiliate guys with small penises. She loves to blackmail them and for some, she loves to crush their fragile egos. She loves how confident they are before she tells them that they have tiny cocks. She loves to tease them and show off her sexy body to make them comfortable to show off their dicks. And when they do, she takes advantage to have fun at their expense.

Princess Serena was horny and she lowered her standards in order to fuck this guy who worked in the same building as her. When they got to the hotel room, she realized the guy had a small dick and she was not happy about it. She even forgot she was horny and she humiliated him for his small dick. She could not mess with someone who had such a small dick.

Mistress Ava Black was ready for some pounding from this guy. This guy had talked a big game and he actually wanted a threesome. So mistress Ava and her friend were ready for him. They knew they would get their pussies rammed and screwed hard but when the guy came and they had foreplay, they realized he had a small dick and they stopped immediately. They made fun of him instead of fucking him.

Madame Marissa found a goldmine when she realized that this loaded guy had a small penis. She blackmailed him but not in an obvious way. She would tease him and then he would pay her to go away and to keep quiet. She did not threaten to do anything to him or to take the information elsewhere. She just made fun of his small dick and he paid her handsomely.

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