Mistresses humiliating tiny dick slaves

This mistress got to know this guy and he was nearly falling in love with him when she realized he had a small dick. It was a shock for her as she was prepared for anything but that. She could not be with him since she loved to be stuffed by a big cock. She knew she would cheat on him eventually so she let him go. She did not even humiliate or blackmail him because of his small penis.

This mistress is naughty and kinky. It is therefore easy for her to get guys to entertain. Actually many guys look for her and beg her to have fun with them. Many even opt to pay her instead. But her interest is usually with a special group of men. The ones with small penises. She likes them because they are an easy source of cash for her. And she does not need to fuck them as all she needs is t blackmail them and use her small penis humiliation skills to get them to cough dough.

This mistress has a sexy ass and she knows it attracts a lot of guys. Many guys want to tap it but those she usually gives a chance are guys with small penises. Not because she wants to fuck them, but because she wants to humiliate them. So she pretends she wants to have fun with them but then ends up humiliating them and blackmailing them to pay her or do certain things for her in order for her not to mention their small penises.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is a hot mistress and she gets a lot of attention from men. Her interest though is not with everybody. It is with guys with small penises. She is into sph and she loves to humiliate and blackmail such guys. That is how she makes her money. She usually teases them and she turns them on and when she finds out they have small penises, she blackmails them to paying her money to keep their secret.

These mistresses were horny and they wanted to get laid. They paid a male escort to have fun with them but they realized he had a small penis. They thought they would try it so a few of them sucked it, a few rode it and a few rubbed it but it did not help. The mistresses were pissed of and they did not pay the slave and threatened to spoil his business by exposing his small penis to the world.

This mistress loves and adores sex. She loves it and enjoys being nailed by a hot stud with a big junk in his trunk. This guy was funny and he was loaded and he was handsome and she knew she would have a great time with him. But when they reached home, she discovered he had a small penis. she was disgusted and she even gave him a penis injection to enlarge it and it did not work. Since she could not fuck his small dick, she decided not to waste the chance and she wore a strap-on and used it to fuck him in the ass.

Mistress Vicky set out to enjoy herself with this guy. He was handsome and rich and she was already picturing a great life for them. She bought shoes and lingerie so as to impress him and she was ready to screw the shit out of him. But after foreplay, she discovered her had a small dick and she knew she could not be with such a man. So she decided to count her losses and leave him but after humiliating him and blackmailing him. She blackmailed him and he gave her a handsome cheque for her trouble.

This mistress likes to humiliate guys with small penises. She has a small penis humiliation fetish and she likes it because she knows guys cannot stand this sort of information getting out. She therefore blackmails them and forces them to pay her good money for her to keep quiet. She is also an sph magnet and knows how to spot such guys and how to confirm that they indeed have small dicks.

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